Studies have shown that people are more likely to believe something if it includes elements from the following criteria:

1. An image (or images) to view while reading an article
2. Statistics
3. Relation to hot button issues
4. Lists

Scientists discovered that media outlets are becoming more and more aware of this new founded format especially prevalent on websites such as Facebook, Tumblr, and the like. Users are 75% more likely to believe an argued topic if a corresponding picture is used as a visual aid and 68% more likely to understand the content in list form.

In lieu of this recent phenomenon, thousands of people have released blogs, articles, and jottings using this clever format. One writer states, “Ever since I discovered I could add an image to my story, I’ve gotten more feedback than ever imagined.” (Source unknown) While another claims, “If there’s something to look at, no one argues the validity of your statement.” (Source unknown)

A Harvard Graduate Journalist explains, “Images are a direct link to reasoning and lists are used in everyday life, mentally or written. We create and structure our lives around lists.” He pauses for a moment, “Look, here’s my grocery list, my ‘To Do’ list…” as he fumbles into his satchel, pulling out a neatly organized, color coordinated day planner. 

Newly renovated journalism and linguistic classes are due to be implemented early Fall 2014 to follow this growing trend.

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Final Fantasy 7 Graphic travel posters by: Dean Walton

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MY LIFE IS A COMIC. DON’T ARGUE WITH ME. #comicbook #manga #iwishthoughtbubbleswerereal


Throughout history women have been torn apart by their images. Or, what they have planted in their own heads of what their image should be.  Or, what society has both planted, fertilized, and cultivated a set standard of what a woman should think and feel she SHOULD be. Sex sells and the media inadvertently decides what’s attractive.

Collectively, thin is in. But, that wasn’t always the case. What used to be so was the idea that if you were heavy, you could afford to eat. and having money is super sexy. Lots of fat= lots of money= loads of sex appeal. 

Advertisements everywhere flaunt scantily clad women averaging about 5’8” and up, weighing anywhere between 100-130 lbs. These cookie cutter,  photo-shopped, air-brushed images are what’s hot, and you’re what’s not. “Look like this.” “Get sexy abs in 10 minutes flat.” “The perfect body he’s dying for!” written in bold, plastered between every checkout line in America. There’s a lot of pressure to always look and feel attractive.

I understand that. Completely and fully. There’s this floating expectation hanging above all of our heads. I get that, too. But what I don’t get is this:


To me, both of these women are equally attractive. One meets a certain broad criteria and the other doesn’t. So what? Why bash the opposite side of the spectrum on either account. Bitches will be bitches.

I find it more common that women that are heavier find it necessary to bash on the skinnier bunch. I never walk up to someone who I think is “fat” and say, “DEAR LORD BABY JESUS, LOOK HOW FAT YOU ARE. DAMN. GO ON A DIET.” But, on the other hand, it’s ok for people to waltz up to me and say, “Hey there, Twiggy. I’d tell you to go eat a cookie, but you’d probably throw it up.” Because when someone fits that coveted standard, insults don’t effect them. They are an impenetrable force that gladly takes criticism as compliment. Sorry, if that isn’t oozing sarcasm enough.

I feel like, in my experiences, heavier women are vindictive toward thinner girls. Not to say that slenders are incapable of being shallow, just making a generalization. My newsfeed is filled with garbage like this:


You don’t see the bones rebutting with something like, “There are plenty of fish in the sea, but don’t date a whale.” Or “You can keep your curves, I’m in shape, not a shape. (referring to a circle.)” Those were things I WOULD SAY if I were trying to be mean and judgmental. S’a good thing I’m not, huh? I, personally, have no ill feelings toward anyone of any race, weight, or orientation. I strongly believe beauty comes in all forms. 

Stop trying to justify your insecurities by bringing someone else down. The same girls that post about how proud they are to be fat are the very same that always complain about how they wish they would have the motivation to go to the gym or constantly post “healthy alternative recipes” and “weight loss secrets.” The green monster of envy is curdling your milk and rustling your jimmies. Quit caring about how other people look and focus on yourself. If you’re really happy with who you are and how you look, there’s no reason to get satisfaction out of belitting others. By all means, I’m not going to judge you. I won’t judge you now and I won’t judge you for trying.

Ignore the media, ignore societal standards. 

Next time you make fun of someone and call them a fatty or anorexic, take your foot out of your mouth before you talk.


A skinny girl.











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AWESOME photo, love it. (The tee’s pretty awesome too. ;) )

Out of things I need in my life, this ranks in mucho needo.

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